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strength/ 10 min max Build to a 3RM Squat Clean Thruster (Cluster) *NO POWER CLEAN – FRONT SQUAT. Catch in the squat or as low as you can. WORK THAT POSITION! STOP AVOIDING IT! wod 3 Rounds 7/5 muscle Ups 15 Burpees to 6″ target 400m Run *exactly 90 second walking/ recovering. No lying down- NO sitting- No standing still- No bending over **Score is TOTAL TIME – See more at:

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NameCrossFit CSA
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We're celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week at I Am CrossFit! Teachers, show this post when signing up for a monthly membership* at any of our 7 locations and receive $35 dollars off for the life of the membership! *applies to new memberships only

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Mat-Su CrossFit sign up today!! All abilities are needed!! Let's bring a full roster!!

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At 5am, of 8 only two left standing by min 18! KBS &Double Unders- don't miss this one!

sassiekiwi published the post A Beautiful Revolution on Tabata Times
In a land known for some of the highest plastic surgery rates in the world ... a land where doctors...
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Be sure to check out today's #CrossFit #WOD on the I AM CrossFit site!

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CrossFit Refinery posted an article
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Tuesday WOD 050515 Hang Squat Snatch 3-3-3-3-3-3-3 Record heaviest successful set of three with the goal of snatching more than last time (042315) - Then - For Time: 50 Bar Facing Burpees EMOM (Starting @1:00)- 3 Hang Power Clean + 1 Jerk (135/95) 12min Time Cap

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Tuesday | Cinco De Mayo

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Shout out to the 5pm class who came in and set the tone for a Monday evening.

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Not bad until we hit the wall named Ring Dips!

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OBO will be here tomorrow at 5pm to give free chair massages! He comes highly recommended.

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#irontemplecrossfit #irontemple #crossfit #wod #igers #igdaily #picoftheday #ohs #run #c+j #t2b #hrpushups #frontsquats #ilovemybox #fitness #miamilakes #hialeah

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#teamSOUL "Milo Goes To Soul" Tee available now. Check out our Pro Shop or visit our online shop and order yours now at #Crossfit

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Great job Marcia on overhead squat

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WOD for Tuesday, April 5th, is... A. 8min EMOM 4 weighted pullups @80% B. 15 Min AMRAP 7 Snatch (Full Squat) 95/65 9 Ring Dips 14 Box Jumps 24/20 100m Run C. CORE WOD 4 Rounds 30 Bicycles (R+L=1) 20 Straight Leg Toe Touches w/ slam ball 1min Plank w/ toes on Slam Ball

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4:30pm gettin inverted!!!!

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Tuesday 5.5.15 #Crossfit #Noexcuses #AMRAP

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The am Sledge Family on #showyourpridemonday .

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I'm proud of you !!

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Happy Monday! Now get your squats in ☺️ #crossfitrife #rufit @rufit_life #rougefitness #squats…

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Lil info on today's strength!!!

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CrossFit Atlanta is proud to recognize Chadd Jonesmith as the Member of the Month for May! Thank you for all you do <3

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After seeing the fittest compete at the Atlantic Regional, come celebrate at the After Party! Get your tickets now at #CrossFit #crossfitgames #atlanticregional #afterparty

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SFH SALE!! TONIGHT ONLY RECEIVE 10% off! Recovery Choc/Vanilla - $54 Normally $60 Fuel - $50 Normally $55

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Our fan has been installed and is amazing !! Say goodbye to the "sweat box"!

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Outdoor Morning Wod!! Working Hard!!

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Nooners doin the noon thing at, well, NOON #noonin

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Great read!!

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I may not be there yet, but I'm closer than I was yesterday

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Those of you signed up for MDM make sure you register as well as put your name on the heat list. Check out CrossFit Takeover for all the info.

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Come celebrate the close of the Atlantic Regionals with the regional athletes and event team at the AFTER PARTY on Sunday, May 17th. This event is co-hosted by CrossFit North Atlanta and other local affiliates from the Georgia Affiliate Alliance. Doors open at 5pm. Tickets include BBQ, drinks, games & live music. To grab a ticket or join the volunteer crew, go to *Free entry for Regional athletes (advanced registration required)* *Party volunteers will get free food, bevies & entry to the event.*

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2015 Crossfit Regionals

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"When we say we are athletes of integrity, we are not just talking about cutting reps or counting correctly; we are talking about making sure our movements are right and our reps are perfect." What are your standards?

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CCF Membership highlight-CCF Athlete Jennifer H. aka Jenny Give us a little background about yourself. By day I'm a webmaster for a non-partisan, non-profit association that provides county officials statewide with education and training, legislative reporting, and research assistance. By night -- when I'm not being a caped, vigilante crime-fighting superhero -- I can usually be found re-loading the dishwasher after my husband, who doesn't care about efficient loading methods, or hanging out with my two mutts: Manny and Audra. How did you hear about CCF? I blame Katie T. entirely. Did you know she's really good at endurance? With the running and OCRs, yes, but also when it comes to listening to me complain about the same thing 20 times. (It was way more than that.) Each time I'd say how I really needed to get active, she told me about how CrossFit could be adapted so that I could complete workouts that were a challenge for me, but also fun and interesting. I don't have that kind of patience for whining... I'm so glad Katie just continued to remind me that there was at least one more option out there for me to try. What's one thing most people don’t know about you? I don't like to admit this, but in second grade I had a mullet. It was the mid-80s - they were very confusing times for an elementary school kid. And it was actually the height of fashion for a kid from the Pine Barrens of New Jersey. Don't judge me... What music can we find currently playing in your car? The radio is normally tuned to NPR, but I enjoy a little bit of every genre. (I feel like I'm aging myself...) What current things are you working toward when it comes to your health, training, career or personal life? I'm working on trying new things. If you aren't entirely happy with where you are in regard to health, training, career, or personal life, then always doing the same thing is not going to get you anywhere different. So, I'm pushing myself to cook healthy meals, to try new exercise movements, to continue my education, and to meet new people and have new experiences. Tell us about your most memorable workout from CCF - I've blocked the specifics of the couple I nearly passed out after from my memory, so I'd have to say 15.4. It was the first Open workout I did on a Saturday morning with everyone else. I loved being able to do the scaled work out (because, let's be honest, I had to do the masters' workouts for most of the Open) and having people there cheering and encouraging me to pick up the bar. Greatest accomplishment - With regard to life in general? I earned a masters degree in public administration last year. I'm pretty proud of that. With regard to CrossFit? Completing my first comp and coming in next-to-last, but still feeling like a million bucks. I trained for it, worked hard during the comp, and felt like a boss for finishing. What would you tell someone who is interested in Training with CCF? I feel like I should note that training at CCF is adaptable to meet people where they are in their efforts to become healthy and athletic. I think though, most importantly, that people should know how supportive the atmosphere is. You can be exactly who you are here, and if that's a geek in a gaming tee who has yet to be able to do a pull-up, you're still likely to get a fist bump or a "good job" from someone who has noticed how hard you've been working.

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Dunk Truck is coming to Indulto on Wednesday, May 13!!! We are finishing up one challenge and preparing to go right into another!!! If you missed the first or are super jealous of the talk around the gym, sign up here and get in on it!!! Never too late to take your health to the next level. Remember it's not just about being skinny! It's about being healthy; building muscle; and treating yourself well!!!

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Follow us on our page on Pinterest. It has recipes, workouts for home, fitness articles, mobility exercises and more!

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Gonna be a great week at CFP!